Hon. Mohammed Kabir Brightens Okene’s Streets with Solar-Powered Streetlights

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of AHMKAB NIGERIA LIMITED, Hon. Mohammed Kabir, has successfully deployed and installed solar streetlights in Okene Local Government Area.

This initiative was part of Hon. Kabir’s ongoing efforts to address pressing community issues and improve the lives of the people in the area.

The installation of solar streetlights is a significant step towards enhancing the security and environmental conditions of the community. By providing sustainable and eco-friendly lighting, Hon. Kabir aims to eliminate the darkness that had plagued the streets, reducing the risk of criminal activities and fostering a safer environment for everyone.

Furthermore, the newly installed lights will allow businesses to operate efficiently during night hours, thereby boosting the local economy and creating more opportunities for the people.

Mohammed Kabir

Among the streets that have benefitted from this project are Amoka Street and Ojeba Street in the Lafia community of Okene Local Government. The residents of these streets expressed their profound gratitude to Hon. Kabir for bringing light to their lives.

They praised his commitment to improving their living conditions and offered prayers for his continued success.

Hon. Mohammed Kabir is determined to carry on with his mission of implementing impactful projects in Okene Local Government. His dedication to facilitating positive change is evident in his tireless efforts to uplift communities and address their needs.

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