Group Urges Govt to Construct Science Labs in KSU Kabba

Kogi State University Kabba KSUK

A socio-political organization based in Kogi State, Yagba Action Group (YAG) has called on the Kogi State Government to consider prioritization of construction of science laboratories at the newly established Kogi State University, Kabba to upgrade the institution to a research centre and not just a degree awarding institution.

Alternatively, the group suggested the secondment of science students of the University to Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) College of Agriculture, nearby.

YAG, in a statement signed by Mr Maiyaki Sunday, expressed appreciation to the government for the establishment of a full-fledged University on Okun soil. It, however, lamented the absence of standard laboratories to engender more understanding of science study through practicability of experiments.

The statement titled: “A Clarion Call On The Government To Prioritize The Construction Of Laboratories in KSUK Or Find An Alternative In The Interim”, issued in Lokoja on Tuesday, reads: “While some of us saw Kogi State University, Kabba as a greek gift to score a political point at the wake of 2023 gubernatorial election, a chunk of us saw it as an answered prayer to have a full fledged University on Okun soil. Whichever way today, KSUK has come to stay as our pride. Though a University is far more than just a degree awarding institution, it is supposed to be a citadel, a place for research to better our existence as homosapiens, but the emphasis of its creation today seems to be more on the former than the later. While we appreciate the government for establishing the University, and as a science student myself, i know that the study of Science is more understood by the practicability of experiments. As we speak, today, KSUK do not have standard laboratory for courses like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology etcetera, Students are doing what is called oral experiments rather than the normal science practicals in this 24th century where robots are doing the men’s job.

“YAG’S clarion call is to sensitize the government on the need to make the building of laboratories a priority. In the interim, these science students can be seconded to ABU College of Agriculture, kabba for their labouratory experiments (as several Laboratories in that school are unused), pending when the building of those laboratories are completed”.

If this is not done, the group expressed fears that the first sets of graduates of science from the University will not only be half baked but quacks.

“God forbids. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine. The time is now”, YAG stated.

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