I Inherited Her Entrepreneurial Attributes, Philanthropist Khalifa Okene Celebrates Mother’s 84th Birthday

Ace philanthropist Khalifa Abdulrahaman Okene on Friday took to his official Facebook page to celebrate his mother, Hajia Bilikisu Zubair on her 84th birthday.

The business mogul whose niche cuts across hospitality and agriculture eulogized the entrepreneurial prowess of his mother, an attribute he inherited from her.

He shared: “One of the traits of my mother which I inherited, is her entrepreneurial attribute. She still has it. In her green days, she was a notable trader of high repute who tested the waters of many businesses in small and large scales. Provisions, clothes, kerosene, farm produce, the list is endless. At a point, she established a restaurant where I helped her sell.

“She traversed Onitsha, Kano, and other states for trade. Arguably, she was one of the first successful women to build her own house in Agassa, Okene.

“Till when she got to her 80s, she was still frying akara for sale. From selling akara for many decades, she got the moniker, “Inya anakara uti kanga.” Only recently, it took manipulation to move her from the business, and off the town.

“Mama is the testament you need that you can do what you set your heart to do, and her company is what I would desire to keep for many decades more, if God permits.”

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