How Opposition Can Take Over Power

By Bright Olushina 

Politics is a game of numbers, and political parties all around the globe try all possible means to project their political ideology to the electorate so as to increase their numerical strength. Power they say is not given but taken in Politics, even the Taliban had to take over power in Afganistan by force as the center could not hold considering the US withdrawal from the embattled country. How opposition can take over power in Nigeria come 2023?

There are many factors responsible and that will work for opposition from taking over seat of power in their country. First, opposition’s house must be in order to ensure the electorate will change their stand and vote out rulling party that has reneged on its promise during their political manifesto. Using the recent Zambia election as a case study, having being a follower of Hakainde Hichilema (the God fearing President-elect of Zambia), opposition that is ready must put its house in order and it a house where internal democracy reign Supreme, as they say charity begins at home.

United Party for National Development of Zambia (former Zambia opposition party) was able to lobby important and critical stakeholders in Zambia politics to come together and present a common front in other to capture power from President Edgar Lungu, who has a lot of sympathy for foreign(Asia) product which has almost crippled the Zambia economy that rendered the youth unemployed, as foreign investors brought in their nationals to do the menial jobs that should have been given to unemployed Zambians.

UPND was able to present a common, acceptable and popular candidate that is appealing to the Zambians in person of Bally as is being called. The UPND was able to prevail on other aspirants to buy into Hakainde Hichilema cadidacy so as to prevent aspirants from springing up from every sides.

Opposition in Nigeria with the desire to take power come 2023, must present a candidate who has listening ears, a leader who will lead from the front, walk his/her talk, house&bridge builder, and one who understands our diversity. Imposing candidate will spell doom for any serious opposition.

More importantly, opposition in Nigeria politics must come out with a candidate that will respect the elite, common man on the street, a man/woman that has deep root connection with the people down the pyramids of economy (people down the ladder of standards of living) and not the usual ones buying roasted corn during campaign alone.

At this critical juncture of 2023 election, opposition must present his best strikers like Christian Ronaldo, a man that can deliver and gives goals, man that can break the record of the past Nigeria leaders. Come this 2023, Nigerians will not be patient enough to watch another season film of 8years episode of Papa Ajasco and super story and also listen to any sugar coated rhetoric and blame game excuses.

Nigerian youths want a visionary candidate like Lee Kaun Yaw of Singapore who turned a small dot on the world map to the pride of Asia; patriotic woman like Stella Adedevoh during Ebola pandemic, coupled with the fear of God. These traits will enable the candidate to perform optimally in rebuilding our country economically and socially.

Opposition must watch out for these qualities in any aspiring politician, either a man/woman, as anything fall short of this is signal that opposition is not ready to redeem and free us from this self Egyptian slavery we found ourselves.


From, Bright Olushina-Bright. Environmental & Political Analyst .Abuja

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