How Governor Yahaya Bello Made 2000 Youths, Women Millionaires in Kogi – Finance Commissioner 

In the defense of Governor Yahaya Bello’s statement on the day of his declaration, wherein he promised to make 20 million Nigerians millionaire if elected President, the Kogi State Commissioner for Finance, Asiru Idris has said the Governor made over 2000 youths and women millionaires in the state. 

Recall that outrages followed the declaration statement by Yahaya Bello, as many sought to judge him by his antecedents in Kogi, asking him to produce the millionaires he made as Governor. 

The Finance Commissioner in a statement, said those who queried the statement are in order because politicians do not usually fulfill promises. 

He said for his boss, Kogi is a typical example of promises kept. 

“But in the case of Governor Yahaya Bello, he means whatever he says, and make sure he says whatever he means till he fulfil same. Kogi is typical example of his phenomenal stride of “Promise Kept”.

“It’s needless to further amplify the numerous millionaires he has made through youth inclusiveness in leadership and governance process in the state. In Kogi, Youths takes the leading role in formulating policies and implementation of programmes and projects that has been of immense benefit to the people with consequent improvement on the economic indices of the state. They have worked hard to earn their places in the league of millionaires because of the opportunity and inclusive ideology of Governor Yahaya Bello. 

“I will also be emphasising on the obvious, talking about the various Empowerment programmes and opportunities created, targeted at uplifting the youths from the back seat and shackles of poverty. Today,in kogi state, we have youths as consultants on critical projects and leading hands in the building process of a Greater Kogi state .

According to Idris, the World Bank Appeals project raised N2million grant each for over 1, 700 youths whom were trained to increase productivity on agricultural value chain. 

“It’s no brainer, if he can make it possible in Kogi state, replicating same at the national level won’t be a daunting task. Therefore, our President in waiting was never fictitious but affirmative and factual in his assertion rapped in promises when he said he will make millionaires at the HOPE’23 presidential declaration,” he added. 

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