Group Seeks FG Intervention to End Kogi Communal Crisis 

A youth group, National Bassa Youths Development Association of Nigeria, NBYDA, has appealed to the federal government to find lasting solutions to the Egbura/Bassa clashes in Kogi state.

The group made the plea in a statement on Wednesday.

The group accused the state government not making efforts to address the skirmish and rise to the plight of the communities involved.

The group in a statement in Abuja, said, “We are on-board to draw the attention of fellow Nigerians on the fact that Bassa Local Government of Kogi State is in a serious bleeding situation and the State Government has and is being indifferent about it. The attitude of the State Government towards the heinous crimes meted on the Bassa people by the Egburas is a clear evidence that the Bassas are being pushed into subjugation to the attackers.

“We are therefore calling on the Federal Government and well meaning Nigerians to come to our rescue as the State Government who are meant to be our immediate place of resort has abandoned us.

“We are not speculating but writing on glaring facts about our indignant on the actions of the State Government on the lingering fight in Bassa Local Government. The State Government has woefully failed, refused and neglected to take any decisive step despite series of confessional statements from the culprits of the heinous crimes leashed on the Bassas.

“On the final Note, the Egburas with the backing of the State Government in power, have numerous plans on how to invade the Bassa communities again. The information gathered at the moment is that, they have hired military personnel to help them train their militias, the exercise is currently taking place in a community called Katakpa in Toto LGA of Nasarawa State.

“They have passed out some of them and move them down to Umaisha the mastermind Community of the overall genocide between the Bassa and Egburas in Nigeria know as Opanda Chiefdom in Toto LGA of Nasarawa State, after which they will be crossed through river Benue to Mozum the headquarter where they plan all movement of the attacks in Bassa LGA of Kogi State, while some of their Militias are still in there made military Camp in katakpa receiving training presently.

“With the above details, it is not longer news that the Egburas have declared a serious battle against the peace loving Bassas in Bassa Local Government, as such, we are pleading with the Government at all levels in Nigeria and all well meaning Nigerians from all corners, both home and abroad to as matter of urgency come to our aid as we cannot fight the people who are enjoying the backing of the State Government.

“The Bassa speaking people of Nigeria are good people and peaceful citizens and we shall continue to be the good citizens of Nigeria now and forever so long as we are alive.”

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