Don’t Chase Us Away, Bread Sellers in Kogi Beg State Govt



Following the Kogi State Government’ decision to move bread sellers from the road, the Association of Bakers in the state has appealed to the government to reconsider its decision.

Roadside sellers were ordered to relocate their selling points away from the major roads within the state capital.

The Chairman of the Association, Gabriel Adeniyi in a statement begged the government not to chase the bread sellers the Lokoja metropolis away.

The Chairman urged the government to allow bread sellers to remain at their selling points as their operations would not in any way affect its policy.

Adeniyi hinted that since their products “are staple food and travellers usually patronise bread for consumption, it is expedient that the services of bread sellers are available.

He explained that his plea to the government was necessitated due to the “recent happening which shows that security men were deployed in strategic areas like Ganaja and Nataco-Seriki Noman, Lokoja, where bread sellers were chased away.”

He said, “The buyers of our products are majorly travellers and Ganaja junction, as well as Nataco/seriki noma, where bread sellers are found populated, are affected by government’s decision.

“We appeal to the state government to relax its decision as it will have a severe burden on bakers who are presently facing economic hardship before production.”

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