Benue Police Arrest Serial Killer Suspect Who Fled to Kogi


Benue State Police Detectives have arrested a suspected serial killer, Jemilu Sule, in Obajana, Kogi State for alleged murder of Mrs. Esther Amali and her house help, Mercy Iveren.

After allegedly stabbing Amali and Iveren to death at their Makurdi residence, Jemilu fled to Obajana in Kogi state.

His father, Sule, was arrested by the police.

According to the police, on Sunday 14/01/2024 the murder suspect sneaked into the house of Mrs. Esther Amali at about 4:30pm and stabbed her house help, Miss Mercy Iveren Wuese, who was in the kitchen.

Mrs. Amale heard Mercy screaming and she rushed out of her room to find Mercy in a pool of blood.

The suspect, Jemilu Sule, knowing that she was caught red handed in the act of murder, turned the knife and stabbed Mrs. Amalu four times.

The suspect then jumped over the fence of the house and escaped.

Esther, who did not die immediately, raised the alarm in her pool of blood, which caused neighbours to rush to the scene.

Before she died on her way to the hospital, the deceased disclosed the identity of the suspects who lived in the neighborhood with his parents.

The suspect fled to an unknown destination while his father was detained and police detectives traced him to Obajana.

After two weeks, he was arrested and brought back to Benue State Police Command for prosecution over alleged murder of two people.

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