Smart Adeyemi Damns ‘Powers-that-be,’ Says He’ll Run against Anointed Candidate Irrespective of Consequences

The Senator representing Kogi West Senatorial District, Smart Adeyemi has insisted on his aspiration to return to the red chamber in 2023 stating that he will not do the bidding of powers that be whom he said had asked him to step down from the race.

Adeyemi in a two-paged statement received by, disclosed that he was asked to step down to ease him out through agitations of rotation, stating that such plans shout not go against the will of the people.

He stated his resolve to go ahead as one who have always stood by what he believes in, irrespective of the consequences.

“The allegations I am making is that certain individuals have been penciled down as anointed candidates in the upcoming elections. AND I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS WITH THAT. However, this must not be to the EXCLUSION of any other candidate who is desirous of exercising his fundamental human rights.

“Asking that I step down, not on the account of non-performance? The records are there for ease of verification. I have not missed a single sitting at the Senate and while in attendance, I have been most active in my primary responsibility. I have sponsored more bills than most even in three terms accumulatively just in the two years I have been back, ” he said. 

He added that he has refrained from traveling out of the country in the last seven years in service of the people.

The lawmaker further alleged threats to his life for daring to contest, disclosing that he has made a formal report to security agencies. 

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