Radio Kogi, Tao FM Make List of Stations Shutdown by NBC 

The Nigeria government on Friday announced the revocation of the broadcast licenses of 52 television and radio stations.

The Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) in a statement said the licenses were revoked because the stations failed to renew their licenses as required by law.


 It also ordered the affected station to “shut down their operations” within the next 24 hours.


The commission said it had, in May 2022, given the affected stations “two weeks to renew their licenses and pay their debts or consider their licenses revoked…”


“Three months after the publication, some licensees are yet to pay their outstanding debts,” NBC wrote in the Friday statement.

In Kogi state, Tao FM radio station in Okene owned by Ovidi Communications, and the Kogi State Broadcasting Corporation are affected.


Meanwhile, the Kogi State Broadcasting Corporation has been off-air for about two years due to a faulty transmitter yet to be replaced. 


Others include Silverbird TV, Rhythm FM, AIT/RayPower FM, MITV and Kwara State Broadcasting Corporation.


See the full list of the affected stations below.

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