Radio Kogi: Kogi Commissioner, Fanwo Apologises

Following report on the worrisome off-air state of Radio Kogi Confluence 94.1fm, the state Commissioner for Information and Communications, Kingsley Fanwo has apologised to the people of the state, assuring that digital transmitters ordered for the station have arrived the country.

Fanwo reacting to the publication stated that the station will “will come back stronger and better.

“When our transmitters broke down completely, the Governor decided we would go for the best transmitters in the world and directed us to set machineries in motion to achieve that.


“As an administration that is committed to public procurement procedures, we ensured the bidding was competitive and contract was awarded to the preferred bidder.

“The transmitters we inherited are analogue. That is not where Kogi should be. We ordered for modern , state-of-the-art digital transmitters which have already arrived Lagos.


“We are dealing with clearing processes right now, after which installation will be done and we will be back and better. Let me apologize to the good people of Kogi State for the delay in installation. The delay is to ensure we have the best”.

Fanwo also assured that the Radio Kogi Station will add more hours to its transmission, saying the power challenge will soon be resolved.


“We are already preparing the ground for longer hours of transmission. We took delivery of four brand new Mikano generators and we also in discussion with the AEDC to improve power supply to our stations across the state”, he said.


It would be recalled that the state-owned radio station has been down for sometime as a result of transmitter problems.

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