Implement Minimum Wage in February Salary to Workers, Okai Tells Yahaya Bello 


Social activist and critic, Usman Okai Austin has told Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State to pay the workers their full salaries beginning from February. 

Okai also asked Bello to pay the minimum wage he promised rather than contemplating otherwise.

There were reports that the Kogi government planned to pay a percentage salary in February without the approved minimum wage.

Reacting, Okai said there will be no justification for paying the state workers percentage salaries as it is being done at the local level in the last six years.

He urged the state workforce to resist this impending anomaly, saying if allowed, will become a norm for the rest of the two years of Bello’s administration.

”Two years after the approval of national minimum wage, Kogi had enjoyed it on a promissory note, after it was painstakingly approved and now being reneged.”

Okai expressed worry about the position of workers union in the state, stating their lukewarm attitudes as dangerous to the welfare of Kogi workers welfare.

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