‘I Went to Look for Food’: Gospel Minister, Chris Morgan Shares How Igala Land Inspired New Song

Chris Morgan

Nigerian Gospel Music Minister, Chris Morgan has shared the story of his sojourn to Igala Land in Kogi state, and how it has inspired his new music titled, Agba Ojomi (Thank You God).

The song, according to the Benue born renowned Minister, helped him reconnect to his past and acknowledge the faithfulness of God in his life.


He wrote:
“My early encounters with the Igala tribe is something I will never forget. I lived & grew up sharing the same fence with my Igala muslim brothers & sisters, we played & ate together, went to church together & no discrimination, married & co- existed together The Idomas & the Igalas have come a long way.

One day, I got tired of my depressive situation & went on a progressive journey to okpo in kogi state to farm for some one so i can be paid to pay my school fees & then later visited my sister who got married to the prominent Evangelist Sunday Ogwuche…& decided to stay there for a while, it was there that i wrote my first song. It was there that God opened the door of inspiration unto me.

The likes of my brothers Theophilus Sunday, Prospa Ochimana. Pastor Courage & Neon Adejo came from this root.

This song is like a Jewel to me, my love for God & the Igala tribe is like a deep river.

Thank you lord for inspiring my earliest journey of worship from this part of Africa & Nigeria. I went to look for food & money through farming, but God gave me a well of worship, a river of inspiration so deep & never runs dry.”


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