Nollywood Actress and entrepreneur, Ajanigo Simeon has sent a public warning to fans from her ethnic group fond of criticizing her dress style, stating that she is neither an ambassador nor a traditional ruler of the people.

The Kogi Born screen diva gave the warning in a 9 minutes video she shared on her Facebook page, noting her displeasure with calls for her to make the Igala people proud with her dress sense.


For Simeon, the comments came on her picture where she wore bum shorts, stating that “Igalas are Igalas biggest problem”


She captioned:

“This is how angry I am!!!!! All the Igalas following me and expecting me to wear feathers and cowries for them to be proud hard luck ooo because you no send me message..if you are not proud please jejely too owe your generation to make them proud please focus on that!!!!

“Leave me out of your madness ooo I’m a good person above all a child of God and that is enough for me …

“Thanks for listening 🙏🙏🙏“

Watch video:



Dansofo Usman: Just rest, you don’t even need to clear anything. Acting is different from reality.


Abdullahi Haruna: For the impulsiveness of a few, you have stained a whole tribe with unsavoury adjectives. I am Igala , I don’t even know you, yet I just got drenched by your venom. Non-igalas would now look at us as a people described by one of theirs as primitive, hate-filled and backward. Really unfair to pass such a stereotypic blanket on a whole tribe.
Next time , try to call out those who frown at your bump shot instead of lumping us in your denigration.
Meanwhile, I want to watch you , which movie can I find you pls?

Robert Arome: Who have this one time ? Of what relevance is her to igala race? She should keep quiet, nobody is expecting anything from her. This is cheap attention seeking. Nonsense. I don dislike her self. Abeg shift

Bilikisu Douglas: That is why igala land is were its today, calling other celebrity that dress worse their role models but attack the one which they are suppose to embraces .

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