Gov. Yahaya Bello Bans Nose Mask, Brothels in Kogi

Miffed by the last week Killing of three police officers and five vigilantes by unknown gunmen in Kogi State, the Governor of the state, Yahaya Bello has banned the use of nose mask and ordered shutdown of brothels across the state.

The new order came as part of the resolve of the government at a Tuesday security meeting convened in Lokoja by the Governor with local government Chairmen, traditional rulers and heads of security agencies.


“It has been brought to our notice that some criminal elements disguise in one way or the other to carry out their criminal activities. We know that some states experience Covid-19 and some other dreaded diseases. Thank God in Kogi State we never had any case of Covid-19 and we will still not have it. So we are aware that some criminals will take machines or kekenapep, wear face cap and nose mask.


“Therefore, except in hospitals and related institutions, use of nose mask in the public is hereby banned and prohibited as far as Kogi State is concerned,” he stated.


He urged the citizens to confront anyone putting on nose masks in the public and have them removed.

“If you see anybody coming inside hotel, public place and he is inside Okada and going, you have the right to stop him to remove that nose mask there and then. If he is not well, he should go to the hospital or he should stay back at home and get well before he comes back into the public.


“All brothels are from today closed down. If they operate as from tomorrow, we will lock down and demolish the building.


Bello has also ordered investors, owners of companies and trailer parks to provide decent accommodation for employees and drivers respectively.


“There are so many undesirable shanties across the state, all of them pretending to be job seekers especially around either factories, or industries or companies.

“The DG lands have been directed to mark all of these places for demolition with immediate effect. I urge all of the investors and owners of companies, and trailer parks to provide decent accommodation for their workers.


“Trailers at the parks should be moved from the highway with immediate effect. All the local government Chairmen must enforce it,” Bello said.


He instructed paramount rulers to meet with land trustees and have them registered with the local government and traditional councils, and also have land disputes resolved.

Commercial motorcyclists and tricycles unions have also been ordered to register with the appropriate authorities.


The Governor cautioned against those he described as “social media rats” over inciting statements on the social media.


“There are those who call themselves social media rats, who will be in the social media and be inciting. You can’t run away. So long as you’re in Kogi State, so long as you’re in Nigeria, we have dealt will some. We will look for you, we will deal with you decisively,” he said.


He called for the cooperation of all stakeholders with the government to sustain peace in the state.

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