The people of Eganyi community in Ajaokuta Local Government Area of Kogi State on Sunday night witnessed an onslaught on the community by men on army uniform, who brutalized and left several hospitalized.

A citizen freelance reporter in the community, Abdulhameed Ivavah has shared the reports of the attack on Facebook, calling for a quick intervention.

“Lately yesterday men on army uniform invaded Eganyi community and start brutalizing the citizen living peacefully. People were beaten to stupor & injured. It is a worrisome situation owing to the fact that the community has been at peace over time, there is no internal crises or whatever, there is no curfew or rancour from any angle, peace of tranquility thrive within the people, yet an acclaimed army personality’s invaded our community to lay unquantifiable mayhem on the people

“We thank God no life was lost but people were injured with Jackknifes, several people have been hospitalized we pray for their safety.

“Earlier this morning people are indoor as morbid fear has been sent into the spine of the citizen. Before this breach of security & invasion, we as a people have been enjoying adequate security & freedom while going for our normal routines, but today we have been thrown into a state of confusion about our safety. We anticipate for quick intervention of the Monarch’s & top Governments functionaries”

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