By Emmanuel Uti


Farouq Omeiza Suleiman, a Kogi State-based politician, has paid Chiamaka Mberede, a Lagos-based shoe vendor, her N30,000 balance, four days after first refusing to do so.

This comes 24 hours after FIJ reported how Suleiman blocked the vendor on all social media platforms when she asked to be paid the outstanding balance for delivering two pairs of shoes to him in April.

“I am grateful for the report. He paid the money this morning,” Mberede told FIJ.

“He also said he did not pay me because of the publication but because of God.”

Screenshot of the balance payment

Mberede said she was sure he paid because he saw that the story was already on all social media platforms.

“I also sent him the link to the report on WhatsApp, where he would see it,” the vendor said.

“He did not say a word about the receipt, nor did he call me. I woke up to see the credit alert of the N30,000 he had refused to pay me earlier.

“I am grateful. Thank you, FIJ, for coming through for me.”

On Thursday, FIJ reported how Suleiman requested two pairs of shoes from Mberede on April 29.

Mberede said she told the politician that the two pairs of shoes sold for N72,000 with an additional delivery fee of N3,000.

After taking delivery of the shoes, the politician paid her N45,000 instead of the agreed sum of N75,000. Suleiman then went a step further by blocking the vendor on all platforms to prevent her from continuing to demand for her balance.

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