Media entrepreneur and photographer, Mr. Abdulkareem Ishaq Ohinoyi will be battling 35 other contenders in the race to emerge winner of Next Nigeria President Idol. 

The idol is organized by a broadcast company, SRTV headquartered in Edmonton, London. 

Ohinoyi who is the incumbent SRTV Governor of Kogi State, would be running against his opponents for the Presidential seat in a contest scheduled for 3rd – 5th December, 2021. 

In a message sent to ebirareporters.com he spoke on his vision to put the youth drive into motion in developing the Nigerian society, calling on all for support. 

“As a youth I humbly believe that I have the requisite skills and ability to function effectively as (SRTV NIGERIA PRESIDENT IDOL) if given your mandate. 

“Regardless of the population of my state, my tribe and my culture, I am a great asset to the growth of my nation. I am ready and willing to play my primary roles as A driver of transformation, an apostle of change and vehicle for revolution. With youth, a New Nigeria is surely possible,” he said. 

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