Following backlash on him and his colleagues from Kogi State, the Senator representing the central senatorial district of the state, Yakubu Oseni has cited reasons why he voted against the electronic transmission of election results at the Thursday plenary of the senate.

Oseni in a statement on Friday noted that his decision was in the best interest of Kogi State, and the people of North Central whom according to him, have been relegated at the National scheme of things.

He said the issue was more about the workability of the electronic transmission in the country, than the sentiment it has generated.

“First of all, let’s look at the level of network coverage across the nation especially in the rural areas where we have predominant settlement of voters. Before this noble method of electronic result transmission is done, there ought to be tangible and intangible supporting infrastructures that are supposed to be in place and that is what my committee in partnership with other relevant agencies is trying to do,” he said.

He also cited the volume of cyber attacks by hackers against Nigeria as one of the reasons why his decision on the matter should be appreciated.

Oseni added that “some persons are assiduously working with foreign mercenaries to impose political leaders on us but our emotions will not allow us to admit it. Is Senator Oseni saying electronic transmission of election results is a bad idea? Hell no! I am saying we cannot afford to experiment that with our national elections for NOW. Have you ever sat and ask yourself why some persons insisted on the phantom INEC SERVER in the last general election? Some people, with the support of foreigners have perfected their plans to impose President on us! If America, as developed as we consented are still battling with the activities of hackers which made Donald Trump still lay claim to victory, what more of Nigeria?”

He said his position on the matter as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Information and Communications Technology/Cybercrime was also shared by other members of his committee, stating that he could not allow the electoral process of the country be truncated.

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